Badlands, Pt. 2

As mentioned in a previous post, I drove through the Badlands earlier this year. It was the off season and the chance of snow was still pretty high. But the weather held and I got to see some of what makes the US beautiful.

Along the way (before reaching the actual Badlands National Park), I saw some pretty special inhabitants of the area who were kind enough to let me watch them dine as the sun was sinking.

Bighorns | AmandaMuses

Since the weather was iffy and it was getting dark, I didn’t stop long and took these shots quite literally out of the car window, amazing. The buffalo were so close I could’ve touched some and they were so calm and lovely. I love buffalo.

Buffalo | AmandaMuses

Buffalo | AmandaMuses

Buffalo | AmandaMuses

Beware Rattlesnakes! | AmandaMuses

Next time I’ll share a few pictures from the Badlands National Park.





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