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  • One Little Word & This year’s Daily365

    So it’s a new year (FINALLY) and that often means new year’s resolutions. In the past, I’ve made some and like most follow through on them with mixed results. Small things seem to be easier to adopt but even so, we all have our road blocks and detours. So this year, I’m trying something different.…

  • New year’s resolutions

    I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, generally, but this year it just seemed right. This year, I aim to: Draw More I’d really like to try and make more of a habit of sketching during my travels and off time. Be Happy I’ve learned a lot during the last few years, I’ve done…

  • The year in portraits

  • A Day in the life

    With the new year upon us, now seemed like an appropriate moment to share this short film: Forever’s Not So Long, by Shawn Morrison and Garrett Murray How would you want things to end?