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Today I was featured on the Internet Sends Me Cake! Check it out!

The Internet Sends Me Cake

If you want some of your own tasty baked goods to enjoy from my kitchen to yours, a few of my more popular items are listed on Etsy.

Special thanks the Jessica Hische for her original idea behind the Internet Sends Me Cake Web site and for plugging my work/site as a result. I’m so delighted she and the Studio 612a crew enjoyed their goodies.


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Looking for better reading material to enjoy on your iPhone or Blackberry? Try KoboBooks— a wealth of free e-books 😀


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Wondering where that random photo you saved to your desktop a year ago came from originally? Try TinEye— a reverse image search, neato!



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Every once in a while, a friend or client asks me how to ‘copy’ a website so they can print it out and share it with others. While I am always happy to help with screenshots, lately I’ve found that sharing PDF my URL is far easier–in one click, the site produces a PDF from any URL; neato!


Tea Round

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Ever fight with your friends and colleagues over whose turn it is to get the coffee or tea each afternoon on your (fika) break? Sounds like you could benefit from Tea Round!


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Generally I try and avoid brief posts about random novelties, but this is just too cool to pass up. People, have you seen the ToneMatrix? Seriously, this is such a neat application– simple, elegant and just plain fun!

Ever had that existential crisis where you lose sleep wondering what typeface truly exemplifies your creative spirit? I know I’ve long suffered the anguish of not knowing– am I Meta or Ma(n)son?

Well, our collective prayers have been answered! The design sages at Pentagram have given us the quiz tool: what type are you?
What type are you
You will be happy to know Camus himself is Bifur while I myself am Archer Hairline… or was it Marina Script…

How about you, readers? What typeface are you??

Make sure you use the password ‘character’

For whatever reason, I’ve had a tendency over the last three years to avoid general silliness here on AmandaMuses; some of it can be chalked up to an attempt to keep my private self private and allow this site to serve as more of a public sketchbook related to my work. But for those who know me in real life, the absence of general humor on this Web site has seemed a little odd (some of you have even told me so), since in reality I can be a fairly silly person when socializing with loved ones. Well today, marks a concerted effort to serve the public demand for fun:

Recently, I came across a totally random but clever time-waster– Cheese or Font. Combining the loves of typography AND cheese, Cheese or Font challenges your knowledge of fine fonts and fromage.

So how well do YOU know your cheeses and fonts, dear readers?


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Not long after my last post about Poppytalk Handmade’s summer market, their poor server went on strike. Until they finalize negotiations with the picketing server, their lovely blog is, as always, up and full of beautiful things to inspire your heart and fill your home.


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Since the 1,300 mile move in October, I’ve had a new appreciation for freight containers. The fact that two apartments worth of belongings and an industrial workshop-worth of tools and machinery into a single box without filling it was simply amazing to me— the ultimate game of tetris, I suppose. So it’s no wonder I’m intrigued by the work of Hybrid Seattle who specialize in “thought-provoking and ecologically sensitive solutions to our present and future urban cultural conditions.”

I’ve passed the Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco on which they did work, but never knew anything about the architecture and construction until I took a peek at Hybrid Seattle’s Web site. Such an interesting range of contemporary architecture and construction solutions they provide, just look at this cute little beach getaway/surf shack they made:
Hybrid Seattle Cargotecture 1

Hybrid Seattle Cargotecture 2

Hybrid Seattle Cargotecture 4

And this rendering for another one of their projects:
Hybrid Seattle Cargotecture 5

Can’t you just see some of these popping up in Oakland? Checkout the Hybrid Seattle Web site for more of their inspiring buildings

Images by Hybrid Seattle


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From the NY Times (as usual)… What a beautiful portrait…

Beauty = Simplicity + Power

Too Much

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More is rarely more… unless of course you’re trying to give your viewers a seizure, as this website appears to be attempting….


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New Sketchbook, check it out. Mostly experiments but ideally thoughts on the multitude of design articles and publications I read

There’s also an rss feed too, if that’s your sort of thing.


This is like being 7 and waiting for Christmas morning–waiting… waiting…. process the registration already!!