Since the 1,300 mile move in October, I’ve had a new appreciation for freight containers. The fact that two apartments worth of belongings and an industrial workshop-worth of tools and machinery into a single box without filling it was simply amazing to me— the ultimate game of tetris, I suppose. So it’s no wonder I’m intrigued by the work of Hybrid Seattle who specialize in “thought-provoking and ecologically sensitive solutions to our present and future urban cultural conditions.”

I’ve passed the Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco on which they did work, but never knew anything about the architecture and construction until I took a peek at Hybrid Seattle’s Web site. Such an interesting range of contemporary architecture and construction solutions they provide, just look at this cute little beach getaway/surf shack they made:
Hybrid Seattle Cargotecture 1

Hybrid Seattle Cargotecture 2

Hybrid Seattle Cargotecture 4

And this rendering for another one of their projects:
Hybrid Seattle Cargotecture 5

Can’t you just see some of these popping up in Oakland? Checkout the Hybrid Seattle Web site for more of their inspiring buildings

Images by Hybrid Seattle





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