1000 Journals Project

I was in a bookshop today and tripped over the new book about the 1000 journals project. With an almost magnetic draw, it caught my attention and found its way home with me. I was tickled to be reminded of the project – years ago I had the good fortune to trip over one of the journals (and the site) and added my own piece to the puzzle. I was living in Northern Europe at the time, and sent it off to Berlin when the time came.

Several weeks later, I was contacted to participate in the documentary about the project (apparently my story about journal #311 and its extended sojourn in my studio and my friend’s 18th century attic was interesting) but ultimately my lifelong shyness won out, and I declined. I suppose I’m a little curious what it would’ve been like to be associated as one of the faces behind this project, but not enough to regret my decision to maintain relative anonymity and personal privacy.

Here’s where I endorse the book – buy it – since you’ll have better luck finding the book in your local lefty bookshop, than one of the elusive 1000 journals….

And if a visual synopsis of a thousand journals-worth of collective art still leaves you unsatisfied, try signing up for the next chapter of the project – 1001 journals





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