Mari’s new bags

As a designer, a former resident of Scandinavia and one who claims partial Finnish heritage, I am, not surprisingly, a fan of Marimekko. While I have never owned one of their classically simple Olkalaukku bags or one of their colorful dresses, I have often enjoyed the vibrant and playful patterns from this uniquely Finnish company. During the long Swedish winters, a visit to the Marimekko shop in Stockholm would often brighten my day with playful palettes and jubilant forms.

Years ago, when I saw Kirsti Paakkanen speak at Future Design Days I became transfixed with the playful graphic style Marimekko produced and admired Ms. Paakkanen’s fearless approach to business and design.

So this afternoon, I thought it would be fun to share a few samples of Marimekko’s new bags:

Mari's Reversible Canvas Tote
Mari’s Reversible Canvas Tote
Mari's Hobo
Mari’s Hobo
Mari's Medium Tote
Mari’s Medium Tote
Mari's Clutch
Mari’s Clutch
Mari's Briefcase
Mari’s Briefcase

I just love the stark graphic patterns; there is a whimsical nature to them that remind me of work from the late 1950s and early 1960s; Harold and the Purple Crayon comes to mind. All of the bags in this collection are made of Italian patent leather and the familiar canvas of other Marimekko products. Even the look and feel for the Web site and ads for this collection have a humorous feel that just makes you smile; a sunny treat for a rainy day.

Images: Marimekko






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