Wmotd, Week 7

Since it’s Valentine’s Day here’s a little love song of sort. This is by no means a new song, written & recorded in the 1950s originally by Phil Phillips, Sea of Love has been interpreted by a number of artists over the years. This version from 2006 by Tom Waits is my favorite (Iggy Pop’s version is pretty amusing though— truer to the original that one might expect. The Heptones’ version is pleasant as well.).

While I tend to like Tom Waits in general, it’s the dark interpretation of this song that I like. It takes a syrupy song and makes it a little sinister, a little… off; which nails love in my book— it’s a weird thing, love. It makes us a little crazy, a little more inclined to do stupid things, perhaps a bit obsessed. Love can be a wonderful, powerful thing that gives us strength but can also be something that blurs our vision and impairs our judgment. Like many things in life, it’s complicated.






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