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I’ve been doing quite a lot of file organizing and digital “housekeeping” so to speak lately. And aside from the obvious result of tidier hard drives, my memory (no pun intended) has been refreshed with ideas and projects I’d forgotten about. So this evening I’m going to start sharing some of those overlooked pieces and iterations with you, dear readers. Sound good?

Spark13 discarded iteration

How about you? Do you find yourself generating a lot of “process work” that just gets archived and forgotten after you complete a project? What DO you do with old sketches and iterations?

Drips of Paint

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While tidying hard drives and sorting through hundreds of unpublished photos, it’s not unusual to come across themes in the images that have, until then, gone unnoticed. The theme that struck me this weekend? Drips of paint…

Here are some I found on a Swedish farm…
Green Drops

Red drops

Barn texture

And in a train yard…
Sunny drip

…Some in London…
London Drips

By the harbor…
Green Splotch

…By a steel mill…

During the course of his life, Vincent Van Gogh wrote hundred of letters to his beloved brother, Theo. Lately, I’ve been reading some of their correspondence and came across a letter last night, part of which caught my attention:

“Ah, mon cher frère, quelquefois je sais tellement bien ce que je veux. Je peux bien dans la vie et dans la peinture aussi me passer de bon Dieu mais je ne puis pas, moi souffrant, me passer de quelque chose plus grand que moi qui est ma vie, la puissance de créer.

Et si frustré dans cette puissance physiquement, on cherche à créer des pensées au lieu d’enfants, on est par là bien dans l’humanité pourtant”

“Ah, my dear brother, sometimes I know so clearly what I want. In life and in painting too, I can easily do without the dear Lord, but I can’t, suffering as I do, do without something greater than myself, which is my life, the power to create.

And if frustrated in this power physically, we try to create thoughts instead of children; in that way, we’re part of humanity all the same.”

Interestingly enough, Vincent composed this letter a hundred and twenty-four years ago today…