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09/10/2009 — Leave a comment

Last weekend, I ventured down to the water for the Fells Point Fun Festival; it was the first time I had been down that way in almost five years. In all of the years I’ve been away, parts of the City have truly grown and revitalized in a way I was not fully prepared for.

So it was a bit of a shock to see the once cracked and fractured corners of Fells Point completely rebuilt into new homes, condos, cafes and businesses. Whole buildings I’d grown to love were gone, and while I was delighted to see the community dancing in the streets under a summery sun, it was sad to see fleeting pieces of our history gone.

While tidying earlier this evening, though, I realized I still have a few pieces of those buildings we lost in old photographs:






What do you think? Are there buildings or monuments from Baltimore’s past that you miss? Are there architectural disasters you’re glad are gone?
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