Redesigning Valentine’s Day

I tweeted about this earlier this week but given the date and the quality of work, this recent redesign was worth sharing here as well.

As an interesting design challenge, Studio 360 charged the founders of Under Consideration, Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit, with the task of ‘redesigning’ Valentine’s Day. The duo approached the project as they might any other identity project and began by establishing the following goals:

  • Clarify expectations.
  • Simplify visual clutter.
  • Update color palette.
  • Revamp traditions.
  • Transform Cupid.
  • valentines_conclusion

    Their solution is elegant and thoughtful– the mark itself is simple and efficient, and the symbols and new traditions they suggest are equally inventive. A more detailed summary of the project is available from the Under Consideration Web site here.

    What do you think of their solution, readers? Would you use the Valentine symbol? How would YOU redesign Valentine’s Day?

    Image: Under Consideration





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