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Day 16.3

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Day 16 | AmandaMuses

Day 15.3

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Day 14.3

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Day 14 | AmandaMuses

Day 13.3

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Day 12.3

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Day 11.3

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Day 10.3

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Day 10 | AmandaMuses

Day 9.3

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Day 8.3

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Day 7.3

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Day 6.3

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Day 5.3

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Day 4.3

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Day 3.3

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Day 3 | AmandaMuses

Day 2.3

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Day 2 | AmandaMuses

So as I mentioned earlier, this year I’m going to do my Daily365 exercises a little differently. In past years (2010, 2011, 2013) I’ve picked one project for the whole year, generally portraits. This year, I’m going to try mixing things up by switching projects during the year while still posting a piece a day throughout the year (at least that’s what I’m aiming for at this point).

To start things off, I will ease in to the year with self-portraits. Let’s go!

Day 1 | AmandaMuses

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and the final day of the year. While I managed to post a daily portrait of D’Art the cat as promised in a post last January, I will admit the results are a little different than I had intended. When I started in January, I was hoping to push myself to do more drawings but ended up sticking to a comfort zone of photo manipulations.

There are a handful of images in this year’s collection that I rather like, but will admit that I don’t think this year’s daily365 project was as compelling or perhaps successful as the daily portrait series I did in both 2010 and 2011 (Here are the summary videos of 2010 and 2011).

Oh well. Tomorrow is a new year and another chance to start something. Stay tuned… and Happy New Year!

Daily-D'Art-Day365 by AmandaMuses

Daily-D'Art-Day364 by AmandaMuses

Daily-D'Art-Day363 by AmandaMuses

Wondering what all of these cat portraits are about? It’s part of a daily project I’m undertaking this year. Read more about the project here.

Daily-D'Art-Day362 by AmandaMuses