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Photo 109


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Photo 106


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Photo 95

Photo 88v2

Ok, more like two..


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Photo 48

Photo 505

“decreasing five to seven later… occasional rain, moderate…”


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Photo 492v2

Sometimes, I’m too shy for my own good…


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Photo 500

My head feels like it’s going to split in two…


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Photo 477v2

Weary swim

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Photo 475v2c


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through the debris

Photo 471

Quiet hope

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Photo 226

Feeling quiet and simple tonight

Maybe Sparrow

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Photo 452v2

The last month has been one hell of a journey. In fact, the last few years have been a hell of a ride… One that has not always been the easiest.
Photo 444

Picking up an exercise that has been neglected woefully, the above is a daily portrait. Will I resume the habit? An excellent question, what do you think, readers? Shall I resume the daily portrait?


Flipping through old photos from my travels, this shot of the ruins at St. Karin’s in Visby struck me. And seemed like a good basis for a quick exploration… Makes me want to take a long weekend on the island…
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This is a montage of snaps from my travels over the last few years… I’ve got workshops on the brain this afternoon… so it’s no wonder my mind is drifting somewhere industrial and scuffed up…

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! And don’t do too much heavy lifting 😉


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in an ocean of possibilities…


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For Sandra

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A colleague of mine likes a button on one of the jackets I wear too often at work. She just moved into a new office space and needs to personalize her space; this is for her:


It’s my adult equivalent of coloring on my lunch break and giving her something to put on an imaginary refrigerator. Yes, I’m THAT co-worker…


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With a schedule of ten hour days and a long, long commute, I’m usually dragging by 7pm. Today had me grinding through some pretty tedious work and an uncharacteristically aggressive commute home to finish off the day… boy am I beat tonight…


(i’m tore down…)