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Wet Spring

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For as long as I can remember, Spring has been a season of wet and saturated color to me – opposing polarities – warm and cold, decay and growth – struggling to balance out…

Last week there was an absolutely spectacular thunderstorm.. I couldn’t help but take a few photos, some of which I’ve already shared in previous posts..


In reviewing this photo and the others from the storm, I couldn’t help but think of an old series of posters I produced in Grad School. I never officially titled the series, but it was a series of four A0 sized posters (in the ISO 216 sizing scheme) that addressed my seasonally affected perception of color and emotion. It was difficult not to notice a vague similarity in color palette between the above photo, and the poster for Spring:


I was in a bookshop today and tripped over the new book about the 1000 journals project. With an almost magnetic draw, it caught my attention and found its way home with me. I was tickled to be reminded of the project – years ago I had the good fortune to trip over one of the journals (and the site) and added my own piece to the puzzle. I was living in Northern Europe at the time, and sent it off to Berlin when the time came.

Several weeks later, I was contacted to participate in the documentary about the project (apparently my story about journal #311 and its extended sojourn in my studio and my friend’s 18th century attic was interesting) but ultimately my lifelong shyness won out, and I declined. I suppose I’m a little curious what it would’ve been like to be associated as one of the faces behind this project, but not enough to regret my decision to maintain relative anonymity and personal privacy.

Here’s where I endorse the book – buy it – since you’ll have better luck finding the book in your local lefty bookshop, than one of the elusive 1000 journals….

And if a visual synopsis of a thousand journals-worth of collective art still leaves you unsatisfied, try signing up for the next chapter of the project – 1001 journals


Thunderstorms seemed to clear my head.. for a few hours at least


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I’ve been feeling pretty muzzy today from the haze of a cold.. so I found myself wanting to experiment with hazy minimalism – how much is too little to communicate? How much light do I need to capture the feeling of the fleeting moment?

I’ve been in a messy mood lately…


16×24″ finished size

Several more from last month’s trip:






From my Santa Fe trip last month:

what is past


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Looks like Future Design Days is going nomadic… what are the chances of meetings outside of Sweden, I wonder.. Italy and Asia seem like likely possibilities, but we’ll just see i guess..

Have been spending a lot of time lately with Nick Bantock’s work – which has triggered two things in me – wanderlust and a desire to spend exorbitant amounts of time making art instead of my day job…