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While these photos don’t capture stripes in the traditional sense, I still can’t help noticing a pattern (of patterns?) in these shots.





So it’s hurricane season (or has been for weeks but has finally been picking up). And that means, among other things, potential for good storm clouds (perfect for watching and picture snapping). Having grown up with hurricanes, I actually look forward to the crazy storms. While I wait for this year’s batch of end-of-summer storms and ‘canes, here are a few of my favorite storm cloud pics from the recent past:

How about you guys? Do you like watching big storms?

Storm Clouds--AmandaMuses Storm Clouds--AmandaMuses

Storm Clouds--AmandaMuses Storm Clouds--AmandaMuses

Storm Clouds--AmandaMuses Storm Clouds--AmandaMuses

Had forgotten about this lovely little ‘A’ I photographed a while ago. The contrast of color makes me smile.

A by AmandaMuses


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Some days you just need a rainbow. A little color to perk you up and brighten your day.

Today, I need a rainbow. And this is my idea of a beautiful, rainbow-y thing. Not a field of daisies or a pink cosmopolitan or a wiggly little puppy. Nope. Oily old machinery on a rainy day is all the rainbow I need today.


How ’bout you guys? What brightens your day?

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It’s been a rainy week in Charm City which is always a nice change from the usual hot, sunny weather we tend to get this time of year. Even so, it’s been a little frustrating to work around when you’re trying to swim laps outside.



How about you guys? How’s the weather been in your neck of the woods?


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Lately I’ve been catching myself noticing bits and pieces of numbers and letterforms as I go through my day more often than usual. I’ll be walking to catch a train into town or to meet a friend and a peeling sign will catch my eye, or utility work stencils or some such. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed this habit of mine already.

Here’s a pair of letterforms that caught my eye in a rail yard. If you know your railroad history, the letters should be familiar.

Untitled by AmandaMuses

Spray paint

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This photo has been resting in a folder on my hard drive longer than I care to admit, even so I still like the contrast of colors and the drip of paint frozen in place.

Untitled by AmandaMuses


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Here’s another from my unpublished files… I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to share these with you, dear readers.

IN by AmandaMuses

How was your weekend, readers?


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There’s not much of a story behind these little flowers, but they leapt out at me among a yard of decaying machinery.

Untitled by AmandaMuses


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Kind of in love with this springy combination of colors and the subtle textures in this photograph. Maybe I’m nuts, but rotting machinery can be so strangely beautiful.

Untitled by AmandaMuses


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I’m not really a pink person, but the contrast of the bright pink against the pale blue and the almost violent abrasions to this surface work for me.

Untitled by AmandaMuses

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Another rainy day in Baltimore…

Untitled by AmandaMuses

Untitled by AmandaMuses


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Found this forgotten shot of mine while organizing my hard drive over the weekend. Really really liking the color palette in this one.

Registered by AmandaMuses

Update: Like this photo? Now it’s available as a matted archival print here in my Etsy shop.

A-B Sorting

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For some reason, today I decided to start sorting and moving old files from a local drive to a backup. And since I am the visual sort, it is inevitable that I end up looking through folder after folder of old images. This will probably mean a flurry of posts featuring some of what I found while sorting. Here’s one for instance:

A-B by AmandaMuses

527 Raw

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I may not approve of wearing fur, but there’s something about the layered type in this old sign that caught my eye. Tripping over finds like this in my travels always makes me smile.

527 Raw Furs


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Maybe it’s wanderlust, or maybe it’s just the winter but on an overcast day like today, I could use a little color. Last year I managed to travel quite a bit and made a a few trips down to New Orleans where I took this picture. There’s something about the layered letterforms and deteriorating colors and texture that just feels warm and summery.

Layered found type


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It’s not often that I miss living out west (see also: the Rockies), since in general I am a coastal creature. But this time of year when my mountain state friends start to post pictures of heaps of snow or other more traditional winter-y scenes, I start to miss those Rockies a little:

Snow filigree

Buried in the Blizzard

Blizzard Tree



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It’s hard to believe, but today it was warm and sunny enough to be driving around town with the windows down. Even though it’s November, Baltimore is, as usual, somewhat reluctant to admit that it’s fall and that winter will be on the way soon enough.

Light leaves

The leaves are still hanging on though. And some flowers too….

Fall Flowers

Oh well. At least it’s fun while it lasts…

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The other day while pausing for a coffee to warm up after a swim, I noticed the light and shadows as they did something special on a quiet afternoon…



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The other day I took a long walk through town. I had an old camera with a roll of film that needed to be finished for processing so with a bag full of cameras I set out on a photo hunt. While exploring, I came across a building with the most incredible texture. It seemed as though the entire facade had been coated in Mercury.