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Not all that long ago, I found myself in a tropical jungle…

Purple jungle

Ok, maybe not…But the sun was hot, the air was humid and boy were the plants pretty…


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Perhaps it’s the combination of colors, or the layered brush strokes, or even remembering the spot where I took this quick shot, but for whatever reason, there’s just something about this texture that makes me smile…

Blue texture


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Seems like a lot is going on here at the moment, but then October is typically a busy month in Baltimore–lots of festivals, celebrations, weddings, birthdays and this year we can even cheer for BOTH our teams at once.

As the days continue to shorten, I keep sifting through the heaps of unpublished photos generated earlier this year. Here’s just a little something I uncovered earlier this morning:

Oiled side


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One sunny morning while exploring, I came across this little fella…


I thought he was pretty charming. What do you think?

It’s no secret that I’ve been traveling quite a bit this year. Earlier in the summer, I took a short trip up to eastern Canada mostly to see a few art exhibits. This past Monday was Canada’s observance of Thanksgiving. And so not surprisingly, my mind has been wandering back north lately…

Wouldn’t it be lovely to get away for a weekend this fall before all trees lose their leaves..

Fence leaves

Stone face

Or perhaps it would be a fun spot to ring in the New Year…

River view

How about you? Been on any nice weekend trips lately, readers?

Similar to a recent entry about sorting through unpublished photos, another theme struck me while sorting… Wood and/or nails..

Wood on the side of a century old barn..
Barn nail

Barn nail/grain

..a nail helping to cover a broken window…
Fiber board & nail

The grain of exterior of an old home tool shop..

..on the door of an ancient windmill…

.. and nails by an old streetcar line and rail shed…
Old wood & nails

Drips of Paint

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While tidying hard drives and sorting through hundreds of unpublished photos, it’s not unusual to come across themes in the images that have, until then, gone unnoticed. The theme that struck me this weekend? Drips of paint…

Here are some I found on a Swedish farm…
Green Drops

Red drops

Barn texture

And in a train yard…
Sunny drip

…Some in London…
London Drips

By the harbor…
Green Splotch

…By a steel mill…


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Stay safe, stay dry folks…

Train texture







Rainy Day

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Found this little fella on a rainy stroll through French Quarter a few weeks ago…
Umbrella Stencil

Today it’s stormy here in Charm City. How’s the weather where you are, dear readers?

This time last year, we had a glorious sunset…

2011 Sunset

This year, the sunset is a little underwhelming but I’m glad to have captured last year’s. How’s the weather been in your neck of the woods, readers?

A while ago, I was traveling in New Orleans and stopped for brunch. It was a hot sunny day and we ended up in one of the French Quarter‘s hidden courtyards with flowering trees and a jazz trio. After a leisurely meal in the shade, I noticed the scratched walls of the passageways on the way back out into the sun.

Layers and layers of paint…
Scratched Wall

Scratched Wall

Scratched Wall

love notes..
Scratched Wall

As I was taking these photos, I couldn’t help but think of Saul Bass’ end titles for West Side Story.

I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of the movie or production in general, but I really appreciate the beautifully executed titles.


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Sometimes when I’m visiting Copenhagen for the day, I like to go up to the top of the 17th century observatory called the RundetÃ¥rn.

Looking through the window

The walk up to the top of the tower is a cobblestone spiral ramp. In the 18th century, Peter the Great rode a horse up to the top while visiting. Toward the end of the 19th century, bicycle races began to be held inside the tower as well.

Rundetaarn Hall

Distressed Wood

The view from the top is pretty special. But it’s the interior textures and history that always catch my eye.
Across the way

Black & White Texture

Distressed Wood--Blue

Among the ports of call on my seemingly endless travel itinerary this year has been Copenhagen. When spending time in Sweden, I often like to pop down for the day. Thanks to the Oresund Bridge, it couldn’t be easier.

Copenhagen Reflection

Day trips like this are such a treat and nice way to give my mind a little perspective.


Dome Reflection

How about you, dear readers? Do you ever take days like this for yourself? How do you seek out perspective and inspiration?
Fountain Silhouette

Farm Textures

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Inevitably, while exploring the farm, I can’t help but notice all the subtle colors and textures. Here are just a few that caught my eye:
Barn Texture


Barn Wall

Today is the summer solstice. While my loved ones back in Sweden won’t be celebrating midsommmar until later this week, I still can’t help thinking of Stockholm and how glorious the light and sun is there this time of year.

Stockholm City Hall

While visiting the farm, there was a lot of downtime which is generally in short supply these days. While the weather was on the miserable side during my stay, we still managed to venture out a little each day. Sometimes for social calls to friends on the island or on an excursion to an ancient ruin, or just to collect firewood. One morning we simply walked down the road to an abandoned windmill…

Windblown grassesSide of the barn

Door Detail

Dried Flower

This little bird who greets visitors at the front door always makes me chuckle–he was found out in the field while planting last summer.
Curious Bird

The Farm

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Among my travels this year, have been several trips abroad to spend time with my friends and extended family. It’s been a wonderful treat to grow closer and revisit places I’d not seen in many years. One of the more relaxing side trips while traveling was to a friend’s farm for the holidays.

As one might expect, the farm is off the beaten path, and on an island off the Swedish coast so when visiting it feels even more quiet than the average countryside. I’d never visited the farm on the island before this year so it was a real adventure packing up and ferrying over (through the Swedish equivalent of a Nor’easter no less) to see what there was to see.

Country Road

One of my favorite spots to begin exploring was the massive barn. Eventually, part of the barn will be refinished into a sort of guest house.

Barn side

Looking forward to going back again sometime when the weather is nicer. Do you and your friends andfamily have a favorite getaway spot? Where’s yours?

Barn window


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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of ‘where are you?’ or ‘what are you up to?’ emails from friends and readers alike. Which isn’t much of a surprise after the long spells between my posts so far this year. Sorry folks, it’s been a heck of a ride so far this year and we’re not even quite halfway through yet.

So what HAVE I been up to, anyway? Q1 of 2012 seemed like a nonstop blur of meetings. Q2 has been heaps of traveling it seems. I’ve lost track of the mileage, but I should be up to at least 13,000 miles or so since April and probably a few thousand more if I add in all of the daily driving and trains to and fro. Phew! All of this traveling has been a little exhausting, but it’s also left me with some new images and work that I look forward to sharing as I try to get back in the swing of things.

What have you been up to lately, dear readers? What have I missed?


The last few weeks have been a blur of work, travel and a healthy dose of stress. Even so, I’ve been generating new work and at long last am happy to share some of it with you, dear readers.

Before the rain blew in this weekend, I went on a long walkabout and had a chance to capture a few textures I’ve had my eye for weeks: