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My inner-trickster cannot resist sharing this product with the world:

Produced by Oaklandish as a transparent vinyl sticker available for purchase here, this product puts a huge smile on my face today. I’ve always liked their wearables, but I had never seen the sticker until today. My inner twelve-year-old wants to annoy my more conservative neighbors by plastering these around the local shopping district. I’m sure the joke would wear thin after a day or two, but still I could use a laugh today…

Image: Oaklandish

For Sandra

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A colleague of mine likes a button on one of the jackets I wear too often at work. She just moved into a new office space and needs to personalize her space; this is for her:


It’s my adult equivalent of coloring on my lunch break and giving her something to put on an imaginary refrigerator. Yes, I’m THAT co-worker…


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Recently, I took a long walk around my neighborhood and down to the beach. I love where I live right now because of the proximity to the water. Often times after a hard week, a long stroll by the water is just what the doctor ordered to soothe your aching body and mind. While crossing the drawbridge back to my loft, I caught a flash of a texture I couldn’t resist, and snapped this, since I always keep a camera in my purse:

Drawbridge gate texture

Drawbridge texture

When I looked at the shot afterward, the palette I’d captured struck me– it wasn’t obvious when taking the picture, but I liked the simple, primary colors.

Later, while reflecting in my studio, I thought of a visual parallel to the above shot. No wonder I liked the composition of the texture, it reminded me of this:

Burial scene from The Fall

Burial scene from The Fall

Images: me and The Fall Movie

The Fall

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One of best movies I’ve seen in the last decade has to be The Fall directed in 2006 by Tarsem Singh. Late last summer, it played for a few weeks at the local independent movie theater and I was fortunate enough to see it on the big screen.

Right from the beginning, the movie draws you in with gorgeous photography and art direction. Based on the screenplay of a Bulgarian movie from 1981, Yo Ho Ho the film shifts between the reality of two patients in a 1915 Southern California hospital and a dream world of bandits. Shot in 18 different countries and costumed by the Oscar-winning designer Eiko Ishioka, The Fall is a visual gift to the audience.

If you haven’t seen it already, here is the trailer for the 2008 American release:

I wish the trailer were more simple, leaving the viewer hungry for more rather than showing as much as it does. Since the above trailer leaves something to be desired, here is a copy of the opening credits I found on YouTube. This scene acts as a prologue for the movie and is stunning on the big screen, especially the last shot with Tarsem’s credit.