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Mars, Vol. 6

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Day 31

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Day 31

Day 30

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Day 30

Mars, Vol. 5

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Day 29

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Off to a day of meetings…

Day 28

Day 27





The landing was hell on my rocket…

Mars Rocket 1

Mars Rocket 2

Ever wonder what the process of giving form to something looks like?

BMW has an idea and shares it with the rest of us through the kinetic sculpture installed at the BMW Museum in Munich. Employing the use of over 700 individual metal spheres and stepper motors, the mechanical wonder covers six square meters. Over the course of seven minutes, it dances out a hypnotic, mechatronic narrative that visualizes the process of form-finding. Here is a brief sample of the sculpture’s performance:

A trip to Munich may be in order…

Morning on Mars

Day 26

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Day 26

While on Mars the other day, I was fascinated by the unusual skin of the native fauna:

mars skin3

Mars Skin 4

Their skin appeared vibrant while remaining resilient to the harsh climes of the Martian frontier…

Day 25–Lane

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Day 25

Monday Morning

Yesterday, I went to Mars… I was out of milk…
Mars 2



Nobody seemed to be around, but the view was nice.

Day 24

Day 23

After what has seemed like a week of meetings, networking events and social gatherings, it was time for a change. So this afternoon I set out with a bag full of cameras and a phone full of maps; and ended up among derelict steel mills and abandoned yards at water’s edge, climbing around on rusting components in the waning sun.

Hand 1

At one point I was hanging on some enormous piece of machinery shooting found type, holding on with one hand by a giant bolt which left the above impression on my hand.

I also found some pretty cool castoffs of mind-boggling scale:

Hand 2

My hands are not exactly small, but even as a reference point they seem inferior next to this discarded hook.

More to come from this afternoon’s work…Stay tuned…

Day 22