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Hey Baltimore, MD and East Coast–
We made the news (not surprisingly) in Sweden:

View on SVT’s site, just in case

View on SVT’s Site



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The other day while pausing for a coffee to warm up after a swim, I noticed the light and shadows as they did something special on a quiet afternoon…


By now, you’ve probably already heard about the massive storm, Hurricane Sandy, also dubbed Frankenstorm winding its way along the Atlantic coast at the moment.

For most of the day my neighborhood, usually a bustling mix of residences and local businesses, has been eerily empty. The rain has been falling steadily for a few hours now and the world outside my window remains ominous. I’ve seen, sailed and driven through plenty of bad storms, but the silent stillness is always the creepiest.

Waiting on a wire

If you’re in Sandy’s path, readers, stay dry and stay safe.


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The other day I took a long walk through town. I had an old camera with a roll of film that needed to be finished for processing so with a bag full of cameras I set out on a photo hunt. While exploring, I came across a building with the most incredible texture. It seemed as though the entire facade had been coated in Mercury.


Another draft from the cutting room floor… While I like the composition to some extent, the color palette just isn’t working for me. Not surprised this ended up in the discarded file.

Spark13 discarded iteration

What do you think?


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As I mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of the time when I’m doing creative work (concepting/sketching, designing, doing post production on photos, etc) I like to do so with my headphones on (even when I’m alone). Each year as the season change and the weather grows cooler, I find myself drawn outside to longer walks through the neighborhood to explore. On some of those walks I find myself wearing headphones too.. There’s something about “turning off” one sense of the external world that helps sharpen the other senses’ observations of the world I’m exploring..

One of my favorite songs to listen to on a walkabout through town is DJ Krush’s klub remix of Meiso (originally by DJ Shadow):

Listening to this song takes me a lot of different places.. though very often it sends me to walks along the water in Gothenburg…

How about you, dear readers? Do you listen to music while exploring your hometown or a vacation spot? Do you have favorite songs that transport you on different travels?


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Not all that long ago, I found myself in a tropical jungle…

Purple jungle

Ok, maybe not…But the sun was hot, the air was humid and boy were the plants pretty…


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Here’s another from the “discarded iteration file”… Giving this a second look, the direction this piece is taking doesn’t seem half bad…

Spark13 discarded iteration


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Perhaps it’s the combination of colors, or the layered brush strokes, or even remembering the spot where I took this quick shot, but for whatever reason, there’s just something about this texture that makes me smile…

Blue texture


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Seems like a lot is going on here at the moment, but then October is typically a busy month in Baltimore–lots of festivals, celebrations, weddings, birthdays and this year we can even cheer for BOTH our teams at once.

As the days continue to shorten, I keep sifting through the heaps of unpublished photos generated earlier this year. Here’s just a little something I uncovered earlier this morning:

Oiled side


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One sunny morning while exploring, I came across this little fella…


I thought he was pretty charming. What do you think?

It’s no secret that I’ve been traveling quite a bit this year. Earlier in the summer, I took a short trip up to eastern Canada mostly to see a few art exhibits. This past Monday was Canada’s observance of Thanksgiving. And so not surprisingly, my mind has been wandering back north lately…

Wouldn’t it be lovely to get away for a weekend this fall before all trees lose their leaves..

Fence leaves

Stone face

Or perhaps it would be a fun spot to ring in the New Year…

River view

How about you? Been on any nice weekend trips lately, readers?

A few more from the discarded work file…

Spark13 discarded iteration

Spark13 discarded iteration

See the finished piece here

Similar to a recent entry about sorting through unpublished photos, another theme struck me while sorting… Wood and/or nails..

Wood on the side of a century old barn..
Barn nail

Barn nail/grain

..a nail helping to cover a broken window…
Fiber board & nail

The grain of exterior of an old home tool shop..

..on the door of an ancient windmill…

.. and nails by an old streetcar line and rail shed…
Old wood & nails

I don’t know about you, readers, but productivity seems less elusive with some headphones on, tuning out external distractions. Like a lot of people, I switch my working soundtrack around quite a bit, often times relative the current project(s) on my desk–using the music to put me in the right mood for the style of work I’m trying to achieve.

For the last few days, I’ve been listening to the album Ghosts. More often than not these days, I tend to prefer instrumental music–it’s easier to concentrate and plug along while still enjoying the layers of sound.

How about you, dear readers? Do you listen to music while you work? What helps you concentrate while you’re plugging along?


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Continuing along the theme of discarded process work, here are few process iterations from my response piece for Spark, series 10

Spark10 discarded iteration

How about you? What do you do with discarded sketches or concept work from creative projects? Do you archive them, or incorporate them into some sort of presentation? Or are they simply casualties of creative process?

Spark10 discarded iteration

Picking up from my recent post about sharing overlooked sketches and process work, below is another installment from the cutting room floor.

These are iterations from work on my response piece for Spark, series 11

Discarded from Spark 11

Have you heard of Spark? It’s a quarterly collaborative art event that’s been ongoing for several years now. Organized by Amy Souza, participants are given ten days to produce a new piece of creative work (written, musical or artistic in some way) based upon an assigned existing work.

Discarded from Spark 11

So readers, have you ever participated in Spark or something like it? Do you think you’ll sign up and give it a try next time?